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Re: printing stopped working--any ideas?

When I say "nothing happens", I mean that no print jobs begin, the printer (which works under Win2k, sigh) makes no sound, there is nothing in /var/log/syslog or /var/log/messages or the print spool files, that I can tell. If I print a large enough file (like under gimp), it takes long enough to process (??), that briefly I see an item in the "lpstat" output, but nothing else shows up; in seconds or less the lpstat output goes blank and nothing is in the printer. Also when I "cat somefile.txt > /dev/lp0" I get the same output (nothing) and no files (other than lpstat output, briefly) seem to change anywhere that I've been able to check.

There are other details in the archive in other messages under this thread, but I don't mind repeating anything at all--in fact I'm grateful for any ideas good or bad, at this point!


Miklos Quartus wrote:


What do you mean by "nothing happens", and "does not work"? What lpq
command output says? What about syslog? Recently I had a printcap file
with chars at the end of each line which caused the problems. deamon.
If you try to check out those log might help you and us to find a problem
on your system. Or do you want to reinstall it from the ground-up?


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