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Re: Potato and ext3

#include <hallo.h>
Justin R. Miller wrote on Sun Jan 06, 2002 um 09:13:32PM:
> > I remember that converting to ext3 requires to have the drive to be
> > umounted before you can convert. On my laptop, I was lazy and I only

There was only one buggy kernel which requried this, 2.4.10. Normally you can
create journal on mounted systems. The one disadvantage is the ".journal"
file which will be visible if you remount with ext2 - but is not a real
problem for most people.

> > have one partition for linux (the root partition). If so, then
> > wouldn't I need to use a boot disk to convert ext3? can someone help?
> I don't believe that is does require a remount.  I seem to remember
> switching my filesystems over while mounted.  

Wrong. Even if the data format is almost the same, you cannot switch
filesystems on-the-fly. Means, you have to umount and mount with ext3, using
the remount option is not possible.


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