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Re: upgrading from potato

on Mon, Dec 31, 2001 at 10:55:52PM -0600, Deva Seetharam (devs@usa.net) wrote:
> Hi All,
> i am a debian newbie. i recently installed 2.2r4 potato.
> i custom built a kernel with some required options.
> now, i am thinking of upgrading to woody.

See list archives, this is a frequently covered topic.

> i have a few questions regarding this:
> 1. do i need to watch out for any pitfalls if i do 
>    apt-get dist-upgrade?
>    or is there a better method of upgrading?

Generally, some packages may get stuck.  There've been some issues with
Perl, IIRC, which is highly relied upon with apt-get.

You can usually brute-force your way through it.

> 2. if i do this, would the kernel get overwritten too?

No.  Kernels are outside the dist-upgrade process, you upgrade them
specifically yourself.

> 3. are there any risks involved in running woody version?
>    (i know it is in testing)

Things may break more frequently than Potatoe, OTOH, it's more current.  
Woody's largely well behaved in my experience.


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