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Some guidance re reporting xemacs21/mailcrypt bug


I have a problem with either xemacs or mailcrypt.  Under certain
conditions xemacs hangs when signing a buffer using mailcrypt. There
is already a very similar bug (#72210) filed against xemacs -
regarding encryption (not signing... encryption works fine for me).  I
have a little more info than what was submitted with 72210 that
reproduces the bug on my setup. 

I'm a bit newish to debian and need to know:
- do I file a new bug OR do I just send email to 72210@bugs... 
  with my (more) info?  (The bugs seem very similar, but not identical)
- I can't figure out whether this is an xemacs or mailcrypt bug -
  maybe the original submit (which is 1 year and 103 days old) today,
  should have gone to mailcrypt instead?  
- If so (if it's actually a mailcrypt thing) what do I do?
- Should this email rather have gone to debian-emacsen instead?

I'm running woody.

dpkg says:
ii  xemacs21                21.4.1-2                Editor and kitchen sink
ii  mailcrypt             An Emacs interface to the GNU Privacy Guard.
ii  gnupg                   1.0.6-2                 GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement.

uname -a says:
Linux laptop 2.4.6 #8 Sun Sep 30 10:27:31 SAST 2001 i686 unknown

The problem is that when signing a largish buffer with mailcrypt,
xemacs hangs.  This is so for:
- a file with 300 identical lines, each of length 80
- a file with 4 identical lines, each of length 80*300

but, the following works fine:
- a file with 300*80 characters on a single line

Similar to bug #72210, signing those files from the commandline with
gpg works fine.

- Iwan Vosloo

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