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Re: Sound newbie ... what is OSS, ALSA, etc all about?

On Tue, 2002-01-01 at 12:33, csj wrote:
> On Wednesday 02 January 2002 01:53, Randolph S. Kahle wrote:
> > I started researching how to get sound working on my machine and I am
> > confused about the following:
> >
> >     * ALSA
> >
> >     * OSS
> You probably know what the letters stands for. The practical difference 
> between the two is that OSS (the lite version in any case) is in the 
> kernel source. ALSA is supposed to be the future of Linux sound, but as 
> of now you have to go the extra mile/km of installing some extra 
> packages. OSS, if you're lucky, should work out oft the box. To 
> maintain compatibility with the OSS majority, ALSA has an OSS emulation 
> layer. Use that if you can't get your favorite video player to work 
> with ALSA proper (that is you can do "videoplayer --audio OSS" instead 
> of "videoplayer --audio ALSA").
> -- 

Thank you.

If I want to focus on learning one thing related to sound (that will be
valid now and for the future), I should focus on ALSA, even if it means
a little extra work right now.

Thank you -- Randy

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