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Re: Kernels - The Debian Way

> On Mon, Dec 31, 2001 at 01:09:08AM -0800, Erik Steffl wrote:
> | Keith O'Connell wrote:
> | > 
> | > Hi,
> | > 
> | > As I wander about sites, I periodically see references to a document in
> | > ascii/html/pdf format with a title along the lines of "Kernels - The
> | > Debian Way", but I cannot seem to find it, and I think I would like to
> | > read it.
> | > 
> | > If it exists could someone give me the url for it please?
> | 
I have never read that document but a quick search on google turned up a package which claims to have it in it.
If you are running woody or sid you can install it by typing:
apt-get install newbiedoc  (don't forget to do an apt-get update first)

otherwise download the tar file from their home page.
more info at:

There is another document which has kernel info in it at:


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