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Re: Newbie comments & queries

Thus spake Ian Balchin:
> Hi,
> Almost there!
> I did a complete reinstall.  
> Setserial reports data in conformity with the hardware setting and 
> /etc/serial.conf has the correct entries.
> Minicom communicates with the modem through /dev/ttyS1 fine.
> I have wvdial operational and it connects ppp as I can do 'dig' on 
> imaginet and get results back.
> ~/.fetchmailrc was edited by hand as per email from dman and permission 
> set at 600 and I own it
> I have edited resolv.conf to show correct primary and secondary DNS 
> nameservers as per Brenda's email 11/12/01
> nameserver
> nameserver
> /etc/host.conf also inconformity with Brendas email same date as is 
> /etc/nsswitch.conf
> /etc hosts shows just me per brenda's email 12/12/01
> hephaestus localhost
> I am a member of the groups dialout, dip, staff
> > If you run exim from the shell and enter a message, does it get
> > delivered?  For example :
> > 
> > $ exim fables@imaginet.co.za 
> > From: me <myaddr@myhost>
> > Subject: test message
> > 
> > yo, can I see this?
> > ^D
> No, exim generates a message but it does not get delivered.  From 
> /var/log/exim we find
> time/msg no.... imaginet.co.za []: Connection refused
> time/msg no.... imaginet.co.za []: Connection refused
> time/msg no.... == fables@imaginet.co.za T=remote_smtp defer (111): 
> Connection refused
It looks like the server (imaginet.co.za) is refusing to accept the
message from you.  Look in exim.conf - towards the bottom, there is a
list of authentication protocols, and palces for your username and
password for the smarthost, which is I assume the option you used when
you ran eximconfig.  Enter your username and password for your dialup
there, and try again.
> Now my primary and secondary dns addresses are in /etc/resov.conf as
> nameserver
> nameserver
> so where the comes from I do not know.
> In my Win98 setup the pop3 and smtp host is set as imail.imaginet.co.za   which dig shows as . I do not seem to have this set anywhere. Should this not be?
smarthost may also need to be changed - check if it is
imail.imaginet.co.zam, as the logs say that you are attempting to
connect to imaginet.co.za, and not imail.
> I saw in the exim documentation that it either runs at start up from 
> initd (something like that) or can run as a daemon.  What is the 
> difference, and what should I do.  I do not see it listed on the boot up 
> messages at all, and cannot see it listed in top so it is not running as 
> far as I can see.
It usually runs under inetd - this is a program that calls other
internet services as needed.  From your point of view, it doesn't
really matter.  If you're seeing messages in your logs, it's being
called.  Try mailing to yourself (ian@localhost or whatever) and if
the message is delivering, exim itself is working.  Then you know that
you only have to tweak the config files for exim to talk to your
> I suppose the sequence of events should be:
> Dial up and see ppp negotiation.
> $ fetchmail
> exim is running and will kick in to send mail when imaginet appears on 
> the network
> fetchmail seems to want something else on the command line. If I do
> $ fetchmail imaginet.co.za
> then it wants password for root@imaginet.co.za  -- which is obviously not 
> correct.  I try it with hephaestus and put in my root password, but this 
> is not the solution. In any case the passwords have already been dealt 
> with at ppp negotiation stage - right?
> Next step?
Try fetchmail -v -v -- that'll give a fairly verbose report of errors
and so forth to help figure out the problem.  If you can't grok it,
repost.  You shouldn't need to specify the domain, as fetchmail will
read all that from ~/.fetchmailrc
When you're in command, command.
		-- Admiral Nimitz

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