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Re: Newbie comments & queries


Almost there!

I did a complete reinstall.  

Setserial reports data in conformity with the hardware setting and 
/etc/serial.conf has the correct entries.

Minicom communicates with the modem through /dev/ttyS1 fine.

I have wvdial operational and it connects ppp as I can do 'dig' on 
imaginet and get results back.

~/.fetchmailrc was edited by hand as per email from dman and permission 
set at 600 and I own it

I have edited resolv.conf to show correct primary and secondary DNS 
nameservers as per Brenda's email 11/12/01


/etc/host.conf also inconformity with Brendas email same date as is 

/etc hosts shows just me per brenda's email 12/12/01 hephaestus localhost

I am a member of the groups dialout, dip, staff

> If you run exim from the shell and enter a message, does it get
> delivered?  For example :
> $ exim fables@imaginet.co.za 
> From: me <myaddr@myhost>
> Subject: test message
> yo, can I see this?
> ^D

No, exim generates a message but it does not get delivered.  From 
/var/log/exim we find

time/msg no.... imaginet.co.za []: Connection refused
time/msg no.... imaginet.co.za []: Connection refused
time/msg no.... == fables@imaginet.co.za T=remote_smtp defer (111): 
Connection refused

Now my primary and secondary dns addresses are in /etc/resov.conf as


so where the comes from I do not know.

In my Win98 setup the pop3 and smtp host is set as imail.imaginet.co.za   which dig shows as . I do not seem to have this set anywhere. Should this not be?

I saw in the exim documentation that it either runs at start up from 
initd (something like that) or can run as a daemon.  What is the 
difference, and what should I do.  I do not see it listed on the boot up 
messages at all, and cannot see it listed in top so it is not running as 
far as I can see.

I suppose the sequence of events should be:

Dial up and see ppp negotiation.
$ fetchmail
exim is running and will kick in to send mail when imaginet appears on 
the network

fetchmail seems to want something else on the command line. If I do

$ fetchmail imaginet.co.za

then it wants password for root@imaginet.co.za  -- which is obviously not 
correct.  I try it with hephaestus and put in my root password, but this 
is not the solution. In any case the passwords have already been dealt 
with at ppp negotiation stage - right?

Next step?

   Ian Balchin
   Fables Bookshop, 119 High Street, Grahamstown, 6139, South Africa
   email  fables@imaginet.co.za 
   Phone or Fax +27-(0)46-636-1525
   cell:  083-495-7353  sms 0834957353@sms.co.za
   Founder Member Southern African Book Dealers Association
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     amateurs think that they are better than the professionals.
                        -- Roger Page in Australian Bookselling.

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