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Re: tainted modules - btw...

On Friday 28 December 2001 02:22 am, k l u r t wrote:
> On Thursday 27 December 2001 11:55 pm, martin f krafft wrote:

> > even though modprobe seemingly only bitches about tainting when ds.o,
> > cb_enabler.o, and i82365.o are loaded (they load fine), tulip_cb.o (or
> > any other high-level module for that matter) won't load at all. 
(sorry.. forgot to follow up on)                                 ^^^ 

i do not believe that the taint message/issue is the cause of your module(s) 
not loading... it shouldn't prevent any modules from loading.. just notify 
that the module(s) isn't "licensed"

- k l u r t

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