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Re: Sendmail Help

<quote who="Nick Furman">
> Could someone offer some help as to what sendmail is having
> troubles with?

> Dec 24 17:25:27 linux1 sendmail[20429]: RAA20429:
> Authentication-Warning: linux1.jdweb.com: nfurman owned process
> doing -bs

thats just informational.  you can turn this off by editing
the Privacyflags in sendmail.mc or sendmail.cf

> Dec 24 17:25:27 linux1 sendmail[20431]: RAA20429:
> to=<jderr@jdweb.com>, delay=00:00:00, xdelay=00:00:00,
> mailer=esmtp, relay=white.jdweb.com., stat=Deferred: Connection
> refused by white.jdweb.com.

linux1 cannot connect to white.jdweb.com on port 25,
either at the time of this log the port was down, or
there is a firewall or other device blocking connection
to that port. many isps block outbound port 25. i would
telnet to white.jdweb.com port 25 from the mailhost
and see if it connects. if it does, try to force the
queue via sendmail -v -q


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