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X freezes System ?

Hi !

I'm running sid very sucessfully on my laptop for some weeks now, so I decided to give it a try on my deskop PC.

So I installed potato, added the unstable/testing sources and did "apt-get dist-upgrade", added packages until apt-get did not complain anymore...

then, I compiled my 2.4.16 Kernel.

when I startx , it freezes at the gray-grid-screen, in the middle a solid-gray field with a little white field (it looks like gdm has been interrupted while drawing the login window).

I have a PII400 with an ELSA Erazor III ViVo (Riva TNT2) graphics card.

I have configured the X server to use the "nv" driver. what to do now ?

I have to be fast to press CTRL-ALT-F1 before gdm tries to draw the login window, or I have to reboot the machine via telnet...

Any Ideas ?

Martin Emrich (=Newbie)

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