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Re: What's a debian kid look like?

59, male, married, three grown kids, American of Welsh and English descent living in Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A.
Actively play flute, clarinet and saxophone, classical, jazz and shows.
Metaphysically oriented and on "Eastern" spiritual path. Don't get too close to conventional religions.
BS Math, took all courses for BS Elect.Engr.
Formerly Scientific Programmer at observatory for 17 years on mainframes and minicomputers. Wrote the first Forth system for HP mini's. Now consulting mostly doing software development using mostly C++ and Pascal.
Teach programming part time at community college.
Used Unix in 70's. Been using M$ OS's for about 16 years Installed Debian on this machine about 6 months ago dual boot with Windows 2K finally spending more time on the Debian (woody maybe headed toward sid) side for the last two weeks. Hope to use Wine to move my development Windows development software over soon. I have always been aware of the many well thought out principles of *nix based software and am excited to be able to use them. Actively involved with Tucson Computer Society advocating open source software.

Paul Scott

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