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Re: q: noflushd won't do -- what else?

schnobs@babylon-kino.de wrote:
> More details and further ideas: It is a more-or-less classical 
> dial-in box. It has a harddisk that from time to time is actually
> needed, but most of the time (approx 22hrs a day) its sole job 
> is IP maquerading and running a nameserver (BIND9 as out of 
> the box, caching-only). 

FWIW, I have a very similar box as my wireless access point and dialup
machine. With noflushd, I typically keep the disk spun down for 24 hours
at a time.

> ls -rt indicates that syslogd & al. are responsible for the 
> frequent activity, at any rate the only files that have changed 
> during the last couple of hours are to be found in /var/log. 

syslogd by default sync's log files when it writes them to disk. You
want to disable that by putting a '-' in front of all the filenames,
like so:

daemon.*                        -/var/log/daemon.log

see shy jo

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