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Re: mbox vs. maildir

* Chris Hilts (chilts@birdbrained.org) wrote:
> Are there any opinions on mbox vs. maildir?  I'm told by several friends 
> that maildir is probably the more efficient way to go, but my Debian system 
> came with mbox by default, and I'm not sure how easy/wise it would be to 
> change.
> Thanks in advance,
> Chris Hilts
> chilts@birdbrained.org
> chilts@vacollections.com
 My 2 bits. I changed mailbox format to maildir for all the directories
where the number of messages began to make a noticeable hit on mutt's
opening time. So far it's been an easy ride except now if I hit the save
key I get a maildir instead of nice text file. That is if I forget. Then
I have to extract the text file from a subdirectory. So, behold the
power of habit. Otherwise there are no drawbacks I'd know of.


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