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Re: [FINIS] How to handle whitespace in filenames ???

Michael D. Schleif wrote:

> Whitespace has -- nearly -- always been a possible character within
> directories and filenames; but, like rfc's, there has been a convention
> by which we *nix'ers avoided and proselytized against such use.  I
> believe that the ``questionable'' tools can be re-written; but, nobody
> with extensive knowledge of said tools considers adding unnecessary
> convenience a worthwhile use of their programming time.

Agreed. As I said a few times in this thread, I don't really advocate
changing everything at this point; I just wish it had been done a little
differently in the beginning, and then it wouldn't be an issue now.

> I am also sorry that Wednesday was not a very jovial day for me and my
> surly nature obtained.

I, also, am sorry that my final messages deviated from civility. I don't
care for flamewars and very rarely engage in them, but last night we all
got a bit carried away. Clearly we were having trouble communicating,
and found it frustrating.

> Let this be the end . . .

Yes. I have elected not to reply to any of the latest comments that have
been made in this thread. I think I would only be repeating myself
anyway. Some people seemed to understand and at least partially agree
with my points (such as Erik Steffl and Gary Turner, to whom I say,
thanks!); others, for whatever reason, either did not understand or did
not agree. If they did not understand, then surely I should have
expressed myself more clearly and explicitly; if they understood but did
not agree, then that is their prerogative.

Peace to all of you, and we now return this mailing list to its
regularly-scheduled flaming^Wdiscussions...


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