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Re: Eterm Functionality

* Theo Bierman (theob@za.uu.net) [011219 00:58]:
> Hi again
> Running 2.2r3. Having hassles with Eterm. Normally use Aterm. I see
> each time Eterm opens up it has a different background pic to it. How
> can I disable this, is their an extra string I need to put with it?

Look in $ETERM_THEME_ROOT for the theme.cfg file. Look for this entry:

# Here you set the file. You can also set the geometry string here if
# you follow the filename with an @ sign. That way, you can include the
# geometries in your pixmaps.list file.
    file %random(`cat pixmaps.list`)

Either change it to 'file
/path/to/background/image/you/always/want/to/use or simply comment it
out. There's also an section that talks about 'modes' and it has an
order that it trys in. 'image allow' is first... then it's 'image trans'
(for transparent background)... then 'viewport auto'. Don't know what
that means though.

As the other reply said though, 'man Eterm' is very thorough.


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