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Re: cd-rom LG CRD-8521B


On Wed, 19 Dec 2001, Chris Mueller wrote:

> Hi debian fellows,
> Installing potato:
> Which cd-rom module for this drive:
> LG CRD-8521B ?
> I tried the whole list of possible modules.
> None of them worked.
> The vendor does not offer linux drivers:
> http://www.lgeservice.com/CDROM.htm
> Are other experiences with this drive?
> It works under Mandrake and SuSe.
> But what to do under Debian?
Searching with google gave me the idea that it should work out of the box.
Which kernel are you using? It seems to work with kernel 2.4. Use insmod
to activate the ide-cd module (among with the ide basis drivers).


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