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Re: how do I play divx encoded films on testing?

On Wednesday 19 December 2001 09:10 am, Matt wrote:
> > I compiled it from source (0.50), but when I start it it tells me it's
> > not compiled with gui support; isn't it autodetected?
> > and by the way, both mplayer and avifile after ./configure presents me
> > the autodetected compile options; both say mga_vid no, although I have an
> > matrox G400 card; isn't mga_vid related to that? configure for both
> > programs looks for /dev/mga_vid; how do I create that?
> First, get a newer version from the mplayer cvs.  It'll help things out
> a lot.. especially with the gui issue. I don't think it's default to
> install the gui.. so you'll have to specify in the ./configure --blah
> --guioption --etc.  Same deal for playing encrypted dvd's (though I like
> ogle-gui better for that).
> ./configure just looks for supported drivers on your system.  Your card
> may handle mga_vid, but if you don't have the driver your linux system
> has no idea how to access that function on the card.  Grab the mga
> development libraries with apt/dselect and you're set.  Same goes for
> sdl and all those other fun outputs.. Have a close look at what
> ./configure outputs when you run it without options and then go apt-get
> whatever packages you want and it doesn't find -- remember to grab the
> libsomething-dev, not just libsomething.
> cheers,
> Matt

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