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Re: Where is my "tilde" ?

On Sat, 2001-12-15 at 14:10, Joerg Johannes wrote:
> Hmm, emacs20 needs two presses, too, but I can understand it in this way: One 
> press + "n" gives you "n" with tilde above - OK for a text editor.
> So, I guess we will have to live with that,

No you don't. It's got something to do with keyboard type. I think for X

Option          "XkbLayout"	"<some value>"

in XF86Config-4.
You need to load the keymap in 

Notice the *nodeadkeys*. How to do that for X and console I forgot and
have no time now to dig it up, sorry, You ight want to search the list
archives for the german newsgroup, though (debian-de I think), I#m sure
they've dealt with that there.

Kind regards, M.

I did not vote for the Austrian government

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