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compiling kernel under unstable/testing (3.0)


after upgrading an unstable release this week and building a 2.4.16 kernel 
the following error occured:

error: undefined reference to `local symbols in discarded section .data.exit

later I messed up the machine, so here are the things I've written down
or can remember:

net.o and char.o where the files the error occured.

I found the following on the binutils-list
and there was

So I removed .text.exit from the DISCARD section in arch/i386/vmlinux.lds
and everything went fine and the built kernel just run fine.

ld version was afair 20011121.
the 2.4.9 I build some weeks before had the same problem after the upgrade
so I think it's really the binutils causing the problem.

But, is it really the binutils or is it the kernel-source? Since I cannot
make a kernel under debian you're the first I send these lines to, maybe 
it's better to downgrade to the former binutils, but where shall I send a 
bug-report to, the kernel people or the binutils people?

please excuse my "german english"

so long tho

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