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Re:Limiting admin privileges

If I think this is what you want then all you would be is on the server that is exporting the 
NFS shares, 
remove 'no_root_squash' from the /etc/exports file on the shares you want to export

This will not even allow them to open a terminal from their home dir to su, but they will have 
to cd /tmp or somewhere else then 'su' in.

This is what I use on our servers here for critical data that i only want to export to certain 
users, but not allow someone to go made as root and delete stuff or nose at other users 
home directorys.

Hope this helps

Mark Cooke
Internet Operations Technician 
MM Group Ltd 
Tel: 8141 (Internal) 
Tel: (0117) 9168141 (External) 
Email: mark@mmebs.co.uk

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