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Re:[2] Advice on upgrading Potato to Sid

> would it be exactually as i said above:
> 1. Install_potato_and_then_using_apt-cdrom_to_add_the_sid_cdrom_list_to
> souces.list_
> 2. Removing_potato_cdroms_from_the_sources.list
> 3. run: apt-get update
> 4. then run: apt-get -u dist-upgrade
> Would this keep the old potato packages in hte database or remove them all
> and then add 
> the sid to the database

this would replace every package in the potato database that has a newer
version in the sid database with the sid one.

I would recommend doing the following:

insert potato cd
follow install to the first reboot
when given the choice to install more software do not choose any and simply exit
do any required setup
insert sid cd and upgrade

This way you have a minimum amount of software installed and thus less chance
of conflicts, package changes, etc.

Consider using 'tasksel' from the package of the same name.

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