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Re:[2] Advice on upgrading Potato to Sid

> What would be the best route to take with what I want?
> 1. Installing potato and then using apt-cdrom to add the sid cdrom list to
> souces.list ( I 
> presume then removing potato cdroms from the list), then doing an: 
> apt-get update && apt-get -u dist-upgrade

would it be exactually as i said above:

1. Install potato and then using apt-cdrom to add the sid cdrom list to souces.list 
2. Removing potato cdroms from the sources.list
3. run: apt-get update
4. then run: apt-get -u dist-upgrade

Would this keep the old potato packages in hte database or remove them all and then add 
the sid to the database

Again Thanks for the advise..

Mark Cooke
Internet Operations Technician 
MM Group Ltd 
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Tel: (0117) 9168141 (External) 
Email: mark@mmebs.co.uk

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