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Re: How to capture start up messages?

DvB <dvanbalen@jam.rr.com> writes:

> "Stan Brown" <stanb@awod.com> writes:
> > I need to be able to capture the start up messages issued when my woody
> > system boots. 
> > 
> > dmesg only gives me up to the point control is transfered from the kernel,
> > and I'm seeing erros after that, that flash by to quickly to read.
> > 
> > How can I do this?
> > 
> Immediately after your system boots, and before logging in, hit
> shift+pgup and you will be able to scroll back through the boot
> messages. I don't know if there's any way to save them to a file
> though... short of using VMWare or something like that.

This is what I'd do, but you also need to keep X from starting if
you're using xdm or whatever.  Otherwise, you can't scroll back
anymore.  Putting an "exit 0" at the top of the /etc/init.d/*dm script
should do the trick.

Brian Nelson <nelson@bignachos.com>

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