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Re: how to print dilbert comics

On Wed, 12 Dec 2001 01:13:09 -0500, dman wrote:

>Sometimes I'd like to print a dilbert comic and share with someone who
>wouldn't go look on the web.
>Galeon does a good job of loading the image and displaying it
>on-screen, but when I print it comes out a little too wide and gets
>cut off on the right (us-letter paper).  I can print to a file, but it
>has the same problem.  I can specify "-o landscape" to 'lp' but then
>the whole top of the comic is cut off (the bottom left of the paper is
>the postscript origin, and the paper is shorter in landscape).  
>A solution might be to save the image, load it with gimp and then
>print.  That is fine by me, except when I get "lp: stdin empty".  Gimp
>won't print anything at all.  I even checked the gimp1.2-print package
>version and grabbed the latest from sid (4.2.0-1.1).  I have the
>latest gimp also (1.2.2-2.1).
>Any suggestions?
dman, I don't have gimp and my linux box is off line, so I'll just
suggest a plan of action.  Click on the image and save.  Open the GIF in
GIMP and rotate the image.  Export the rotated image to GIF, JPEG, PNG
or PDF.  Open the new file in your browser or PDF viewer and print.  The
image GIF in the original is 600x21? pixels, which should fit fine.

I tested this on my winbox with Adobe Photo Deluxe, Netscape, Opera, and
Acrobat.  In my case, the PDF printed at best quality on an el cheapo
bubble jet printer.  All of these methods worked.  I know it's not
Linux--think of it as pseudo code <g>

Yes I fear I am living beyond my mental means--Nash

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