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Re: HTML editing

* Alec (alec1976nyc@yahoo.com) [Dec 11. 2001 01:27]:

> I just discovered that Mozilla has a gread WYSIWYG HTML editor. Up until now 
> my favorite choice was VIM. I'm still trying to figure out how to start that 
> editor without starting Mozilla itself, but does anyone know if KDE offers 
> any WYSIWYG HTML editors of similar excellence?
> apt-cache search kde | grep -i html
> produced nothing :(

quanta - Web Development Environment for KDE

I've never used it though. Alternatives are:

amaya - Graphical HTML Editor from w3.org
bluefish - A Gtk+ HTML editor
screem - A GNOME website development environment

(That's from a cache query in testing.)

 -Brian Clark

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