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Re: How can i install woody?

Michel Loos wrote:

> On Sun, 2001-12-09 at 19:14, Brian Clark wrote:
> > * Paul E Condon (pecondon@quiknet.com) [Dec 09. 2001 01:25]:
> >
> > > > > > But I don't believe there are any install floppies yet for woody, right?
> > > > >
> > > > > Wrong: ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/dists/woody/main/disks-i386/current/
> > >
> > > I just looked at this link. There are no base-x floppy images. I had noticed
> > > this a few days ago and thought they would soon appear. Now I wonder. Is one
> > > supposed to use the base-x disks from potato? (Yes, I am a newbie.)
> >
> I think you are supposed to use the web-based base install, at least
> that is what I usually do.
> Michel.
> > I went through the exact same thing (and I was shocked the woody
> > base* images were not there, too). I just created the root and rescue
> > floppy for potato, wrote the base*.tgz (for potato) and the drivers.tgz
> > to a CD-R and installed potato. From there it's really easy to change
> > your sources.list to point to testing and do a apt-get -u dist-upgrade
> > (you may want to do apt-get -us dist-upgrade first to make sure
> > everything looks OK). I didn't run into too many problems with that
> > method.
> >
> > --
> >  -Brian Clark
> >

I gathered from this exchange that exchange that there is a way of installing woody
that involves the web and does not use base-x floppies. So I tried it.
Today, it didn't seem to be confusing. But it didn't work. Here is what happened:

1> Pretty much like Potato install at the beginning. No problems.
I tell it about network card and ppp. I don't recall it asking about modem.

2> Get to the place where it asks where it should go for the packages to install. It
gives several options, including web. I choose web.

3> It asks how to get to the web, and gives to options: eth0 and ipddp0.
Big problem.
I know eth0 won't work because that connects to another Devian Linux box and to two
Apple Macs. None of these have a connection to the web.
I don't know what idppd0 is, but I select it anyway. I am lead thru a sequence of
setup screens on which I make no changes; the URL looks OK ... .us.debian.org ...  I
don't have a proxy that I know of, so I leave "none"
I select OK and get an error message immediately:

Malformed release file

I try several times. The modem never blinks any lights. I get only the above message.
>From where is it getting this release file?

4> So I fire up the existing Red Hat 6.2 (on another hard disk) and look for woody
installation instructions. I find a section on web install. It is about 4 lines long
and ends with the phrase " this sentence in not finished "

Perhaps one can install over the web. But can one install over ppp? (and diald?)


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