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Re: how to mount multi-session data CD's ?


On Sun, 9 Dec 2001, mikepolniak wrote:

> I have used mkisofs and cdrecord to create a multi-session CD of data tracks containing
> my digital photo jpegs (as per Creating  Multi-session CD's  Howto ).
> I can check the iso before i burn it with the loopback driver and it shows the multi 
> sessions as being on the iso image. After i burn it, cdrecord -msinfo shows the
> correct sectors count for the added sessions.
> However, when i mount the cd i can only see the first session. I tried using the mount
> options for iso9660 with:
> mount -t iso9660 -o session=x (or sbsector=xxx)  /dev/scd0 /mnt
> But no matter what x is, the mount only shows the first session. Has anyone had
> success with mounting multi-session CD's?
Not really succes, but a bypass. I remember a kernel module cdfs (cd file
system). Search for it with google and compile it. When you mount the
cdrom with '-t cdfs', the various tracks are displayed. Mount these with
the loopback option.


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