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Re: 2.4.16 kernel crashed

Dmitriy Kropivnitskiy <jeld@mindless.com> wrote on 08/12/2001 (07:56) :
> I have been using 2.4.16 since it came out and hadn't had a single problem.
> On the other hand xscreensaver and xlock has always been trouble. A crashed GL
> application sometimes will leave your video card in such a mess that even 
> kiling X right from under it will not reinitialize it. Generally this would 
> noy affect ability to remotely connect unless the GL application didn't crash 
> but instead is hogging system resources. I haven't seen this happen with 
> xscreensaver, but xlock had done similar things to me a few times. So, I 
> don't really believe that this is related to kernel version, although since 
> DRI support has been rewritten in 2.4 series, that might cause some trouble.

I tested and found that my Linux machine works fine if I don't use a GL
screensaver. However when I tried a GL screensaver again my machine
froze. This time I had run this in a xterm as root:

sleep 35m; shutdown -r +5

But the machine never rebooted, which leads me to suspect that the
kernel crashed.

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