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RE: RE: Preparing audio cd's for burning

>Thanks for your reply. This isn't entirely what I'm looking for. I
>currently have a collection of wav files on my HD, and I'd like to prepare
>a cd-image of an audio cd, which I will burn to disc later. I don't think
>cdrdao can do this?

maybe i do not understand entirely your problem, i can just tell you what i do when i burn a compilation:
i mv all .wav files i want to a dir paying attention to rename them in order they do not overwrite each other, then i change their names in order to have track01.wav track02.wav etc.
finally i cd to the dir and use cdrecord to burn the new cd:

cdrecord -v speed=1 dev=0,0,0 -audio track01.wav track02.wav .......

(i cannot put track*.wav because for some reason cdrecord gives me an error)


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