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Re: acroread crashes

On Sunday 02 December 2001 08:09 pm, Craig Dickson wrote:
> Jeffrey W. Baker wrote:
> > Any disuse of acroread is a purely meta-boycott: nobody pays adobe for
> > that software.
> Or just a preference for free-as-in-liberty software, which acroread is
> not.
> Craig

i agree. the purpose of a boycott is to disempower. adobe have shown that 
they don't deserve a position of any esteem in the free system that linux 

in any case, xpdf works just fine. bookmarks are redundant since any 
information in a pdf file that i need to quote or reproduce in any format or 
context can be printed from xpdf. 

sklyarov's case deserves support, and, if i'm not going to support adobe as 
an act of support to their victim, that has to include a blanket rejection of 
anything they have to offer. i see no lack of validity in a "purely 

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