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Re: cable for APC Smart-UPS 3000RM ?

<quote who="Ron Farrer">
> Anyone know which cable I need to hook an APC Smart-UPS 3000RM to
> the serial port on my Debian GNU/Linux box? I don't have the time
> or spare parts to make one, so I one that is already made would be
> best. It appears there are a couple different ones.. So I thought
> I'd ask here to see which works?

if you dont want to make one your best off just ordering
it from APC ..they've shipped me more then 1 free cable
in the past .....

the cable is the same for any OS on the smart UPS series.
just tell apc your model# and that you need a serial
cable for it.

there should be only 1 cable for smart monitoring, there
may be another cable for dumb monitoring if you really
want dumb monitoring..the smart cable should be able to
run in dumb mode too though.


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