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Is everyone else seeing duplicates?

I am seeing double to quadruple of lots of emails on this list.  Is
everyone else seeing the same or is there something that postfix is
doing to me since I fiddled with its main.cf?

For example here is how my list looks in mutt for the debian-user list
currently.  I have configured mutt to sort by topics and thread things
- so here is just one example:

  28     12/01 dman            (0.8K) tq>Re: Linux/Windows Universal Benchmark
  29     12/01 dman            (0.8K) tq>
  30     12/01 dman            (0.8K) tq>
  31     12/01 dman            (0.8K) tq>
  32     12/01 dman            (0.8K) tq>   
  33     12/01 dman            (0.8K) tq>
  34     12/01 dman            (0.8K) tq>
  35     12/02 Damon Muller    (0.7K) tq>
  36     12/01 nate            (1.2K) mq>

What is with this?  I checked them and messages 28 - 34 are all the
same in this particular thread.


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