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large mailing lists with mailman

most of my mailing lists are small (10 or less people,
a couple have 100-200 on it)

couple days ago i added a new list with 2,723 people on it.
i have email notifications on for when users are subscribed
and unsubscribed.

all users were subscribed within a couple minutes. however
its taken(taking?) 2 days sofar to send out the notification
emails. it tends to send them in batches of about 450 or
so. about every 12 hours ..kind of odd. i would of expected
them to come at a more steady pace. we have already used
the mailing list and have recieved responses so i know
its working(and the web interface is showing 2723 users on
it). just wondering if anyone knows what might be causing
the system to delay notifications for so long. mail load
is nil, i have that particular list set to 10 concurrent
connections ..mail takes less then a half second to
process on that system per message...

not a big deal just curious ..

i expect another 450 or so emails tongiht ..


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