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Re: Games - A question

On Fri, Nov 30, 2001 at 08:33:11AM +1100, John Griffiths babbled:
> At 05:07 PM 11/29/01 +0000, Keith O'Connell wrote:
> >OK,
> >
> >Whilst this is not a Debian question, as such, as Debian is the
> >distribution with the purest philosophical roots, I thought I would try
> >to get a discussion settled here.
> >
> >Assuming we are against non-free software and would not contaminate or
> >machines with closed-source code, what is the panels view on games?
> >
> >I was talking to a friend about the Alpha Centari port by Loki, it is
> >for payment binary only as I understand it. Is this an anathema because
> >there is no source code? Could it be that it is sensible because a game
> >is an end in itself, unlike an editor, compiler or browser which are
> >tools that it is reasonable to want to modify?
> >
> >If the source code is there then in a multiplier game, how can you be
> >sure that your opponent has not tilted his client to enhance his game
> >play?
> >
> >We were just talking - What do people think?
> >
> >Keith
> Personally (not having any capacity to speak for the debian community) 
> I see Games as an artistic outlet, and an end unto itself that's quite 
> distinct from other software which I view as a means to an end.
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Games are an artistic outlet defintly, but also atleast for the linux community a way for great entertainment. Also it shows alot of companys (atleast the idea is to show companys) That linux is good for many uses.

As for the source code issue. Most games now a days, do not need to be modified through the source. They just need to be modified with an extra pak file or a bot client. No hacking the source, no modifing code. Just simple addons.


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