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Re: Games - A question

On 29-Nov-2001 Keith O'Connell wrote:
> OK,
> Whilst this is not a Debian question, as such, as Debian is the
> distribution with the purest philosophical roots, I thought I would try
> to get a discussion settled here.
> Assuming we are against non-free software and would not contaminate or
> machines with closed-source code, what is the panels view on games?
> If the source code is there then in a multiplier game, how can you be
> sure that your opponent has not tilted his client to enhance his game
> play?

Games can be coded to handle the people hacking.  Several of them already exist.

That said games are one of the few things people 'accept' as closed source.  It
is an odd blend of real art, CS art, etc.  The best of both worlds is what id
Games does by releasing the source a year or so after the game came out.  This
way the next generation of coders have literature to read (good writers read
books, good coders read code).

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