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Re: Problem with GDM

Paolo Falcone <fallenlordx@edsamail.com.ph> wrote on 29/11/2001 (17:03) :
> Preben Randhol wrote:
> >Does anybody else have problem with logging in with GDM resently? >Either GDM won't let my type in my username at all. 
> Strange... it works fine on my system. You're using Sid?

No woody.

> If you're using the one default in Potato, you need to place the
> mouse pointer within the GDM menu, not outside it, so you can
> type.

I know that. Besides it works sometimes, but usually not when I boot the

> >However if I run gdm manually it allows me, but claims my password >is wrong.
> Assuming you're typing a valid username with its corresponding
> password correctly, there should be no problem. Clueless on this
> regard.

Yes I do.

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