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Re: Two questions (Archive search + Dpkg frontend for X)

At 14:49 27/11/2001 -0800, Brian Nelson wrote:
It probably didn't show any matches because the string "dpkg frontend
for X" didn't appear in the archives.  Try separating the words with ;.

        Thanks. I'll try that.

>       Question two: I'm looking for a good graphical frontend for
> dpkg, sort of like a dselect for X. Any suggestions? I'm using potato
> and don't want to upgrade to unstable, so I need it to be on a potato
> deb package.

No.  The only frontends for dpkg that seem to be stable and reliable
enough for everyday use is dselect and apt.  Why would you want it to
be graphical anyway?

Well, graphical interfaces are easier to use and generally more powerful than text-based interfaces. I wish I had a graphical interface for everything I do in my computer.

Vítor Estêvão Silva Souza

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