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Re: Latest Galeon? will it work on potato?

On 25 Nov 01 13:10:53 GMT, Stan Brown <stanb@awod.com> wrote:
> I saw the slashdot articel on the latest galeon.
> Since i'm looking for something to replace netscape (which has crashed 3
> time this morning, already). I went tot hat site.
> I'm runing potato + Progeny + 24. kernel.

So you aren't actually running 'potato', but some hybrid system. Galeon
won't run on a 'pure' potato system, and hasn't done so since around
0.7.x or so (based on mozilla M18).

Galeon is a bleeding edge Gnome program, so you need to have Gnome 1.4
installed. The best bet if you wish to keep your system basically
'potato' is to install Ximian's gnome packages. I'm running galeon
0.12.1 on a potato + ximian system.

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