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CUPS with the stp driver

Hello all,
I am trying to configure cups to use the stp driver for my printer,
and I have been having a few problems.  I has to grab the gs out of
sid to get the stp driver at all, and now when I print a test pagge,
all I get is:
Error: /rangecheck in --.outpage--
			Operand stack:
					392.0 298.667 288.0
This is printed on the page, rather than to stdout.  Offsets are
deliberate, although not quite to scale.  I'm assuming this is a gs
error, rather than a CUPS one as such, but I'm having some trouble
debugging.  Any enlightenment would be appreciated.
This box:
Linux gashuffer 2.4.12-ac3 #2 Wed Oct 24 21:38:00 EDT 2001 i686
HP DeskJet 1600C via Parport (works fine with other driver)
ii  cupsomatic-ppd 0.20010420-3   cups printer ppd's from
ii  cupsys         1.1.10-4
ii  cupsys-bsd     1.1.10-4
ii  cupsys-client  1.1.10-4 
ii  cupsys-pstoras 1.1.10-4 
ii  kdelibs3-cups  2.2.1-14
ii  libcupsys2     1.1.10-4 
ii  libcupsys2-dev 1.1.10-4
ii  gs             6.51-5
ii  gs-common      0.3.1
ii  gsfonts        6.0-2
ii  gsfonts-other  5.10-2.1
ii  gsfonts-x11    0.14
As always, thanks in advance.
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worse in Cleveland.
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