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Re: port 25 disabled?

Joe M Mar said:
> I am using Exim and I am able to send messages but not able to
> receive  them. I can telnet to port 25 locally but I can't from a
> remote
> computer.  I think this is the problem as to why I am unable to
> recieve  email.  I wonder how i can enable this.  Documentation
> only relates to  enabling smtp on inetd but it is alredy enabled...
> Please help..

are you on a cable modem? sounds like you are if your from
@home.com .....many @home networks have port 25 filtered
along with a bunch of other ports. you may want to email
@home support to get a list of ports that are filtered on
the network segment your on.

im betting thats what it is, exim's default configs from
potato at least do listen on all interfaces.

(running servers on a good dsl isp)

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