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Re: How do you repair a bad LILO?

In linux.debian.user, you wrote:
> Thanks, Shaya. I did that and that's when it told me that lilo.conf didn't
> exist. At this point I suspected that the absence of lilo.conf might
> indicated that the problems with my filesystem were more severe than I
> thought so I did a reinstall ... however, is there a way to run without
> lilo.conf being present? I mean, create a new one?
> Thanks!
> Jen
When you run this using a rescue disk you have to use a switch to let it run
from another root system.  

/sbin/lilo -r /dev/hdxy (where xy is the drive letter and partition number
of the root directory.)

This assumes that you have /boot and /etc on that partition.  I don't know
if this will work if you have a separate /boot partition.  

The other thing you can do is to boot the rescue disk using root=/dev/hdxy
and then run /sbin/lilo.  


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