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Re: Framebuffer AVI player?

Thanks for the hepl.

Sorry to repost this, but i never saw my reply show up in the lists.

On Sat Nov 24 20:01:38 2001 Jeffrey W. Baker wrote...
>> >
>> K, that got me closer. I woulnd up using:
>> mplayer -vo fbdev -fbmode tv -vm [file_to_play]
>> Anid it displayed, centered on the framebufer display. However it was
>> pretty small (about 3" x 4"),
>The framebuffer device does not expose an interface to the hardware
>video scaler, and software video scaling is pretty slow.  Mplayer (which
>I have never used) may not be capable of software scaline.

OK, that makes sense, sort of. Allthought I recall when I set up fbtv, that
I hade to set up a resolution that matched it's desried resolution, so I
don;t believe it's actually scaleing things. Aklso in looking at it's def
in /etc/fb.modes, I note that I did not have to do anything to define it's
color depth.

>> I run fbtv as "fbtv -mtv" and it pretty much fills the entire screen, whi=
>> is what I want to replicate, while playing recoded video.
>TV tuners usually include their own scaling hardware, and they draw
>directly into the video output.  Hence the difference.  The best
>solution would be to define a video mode at the same size as the AVI
>files you are playing.  I have special modes I use for playing DVDs, for
>example, to match the resolution and frame rate of most films.

So, you are syaing thta my problem is with the "size" of the files I am

If so how can I amke the "size" of these, the same as the ones I'm getting
with fbtv? Or would I be better of defining a ne frame buffer mode toi
match the "size: of the ones I am recording? This is all initial setup, so
I really have no exisiting files I'm interested in.

How can I set up a frame buffer def to match the "size" and color depth of
the files I am presenlty recording?

How can I change the "size" of the files I am recording?

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