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Re: Newbie comments & queries

"Karsten M. Self" <kmself@ix.netcom.com> writes:

>> I guess I was looking for something like that, because I cannot see
>> with emacs how you can make things bold, italic, or anything else.

> Emacs is a text editor.  It includes the ability to code up documents in
> various markup languages --  HTML, LaTeX, DocBook, groff -- but the
> actual formatting is a second, postprocessing step.  Your best bet may
> be to use LaTeX,

Latex is great for mathematics, prose, verse.  Takes a while to learn
though - the curve isn't _very_ steep! The output is gorgeous.

In the meanwhile Abiword is a neat little "word processor" which does
basic things well, if you don't to load up a monster like StarOffice.

> pppd.  Pretty much end of story.  The installer will walk you through
> setup.  The important thing is to know how your ISP wants you to
> authenticate yourself -- your username, password, and any prefixes
> required for entering either.

The key program here is pppconfig - will help you set up your connection
to as many ISP's as you wish.

>> and for receiving and processing email.
> fetchmail, exim, and mutt.  Procmail if you want filtering capabilities,
> which is what it sounds like you're looking for from below.

If you are into Emacs you might, later want to look at Gnus, a newsreader
which also handles mail really well - especially useful for dealing with
lots of mail from mailing lists etc.

>> If I might ask, how do you handle the huge volume of traffic on this
>> list, there are hundreds of emails everytime that I connect.

Gnus tells me what I like to read - there is a system for scoring up
subjects and authors(eg Karsten!)  in which/whom I take an interest.  The
rest are filtered down ot the bottom for a quick scan or can be killed
altogether - I need never see them.  One keypress gets rid of all the
unopened post/news.

Be careful though - configuring Gnus is an all-consuming passion.
Addicts never sleep!


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