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Re: Virus incident

On Friday 23 November 2001 04:36, Brian Nelson wrote:
> Craig Dickson <crdic@yahoo.com> writes:
> > Yes, and newbies are also users, so their questions are appropriate in
> > this forum.
> So you're saying newbie questions are appropriate...

Very much so! 

> But no one wants to read newbie questions.  So why are they
> appropriate if no one wants to read them?

They're deb users right? 

> Personally, I don't think there's anything wrong with newbies banding
> together and trying to answer each other's questions.  Sounds like it
> would be a great learning experience.

Were you born that short sighted & elitist or do you have to practice?

They're probably having the most dificult time with computers since they 
started using them or even THE MOST difficult time with a computer. They are 
finding the fundmentals of their venture into Linux/UNIX dis-information, 
mis-understood concepts & bad practices started now can make for major 
problems latter. Guess what, you've just proposed the best wat to propergate 
dis-information & bad practices while also promoting mis-understood concepts.

> Newbies are nothing more than impatient learners.  I don't understand
> why it's so important to help them on this list. 

See above, & cause they're the next generation of users. Is it to much to ask 
to give a guying hand, a 

> I think it's more helpful to not help them, just point them toward the docs
> and let them help themselves.  It will make for a far better Debian
> experience for them in the long run.

You mean man pages.. RTFM, well I've RTFM & for the first 6 month of linux I 
typicaly was more confused AFTER reading the man pages than before. They 
require a level of knolage & understanding and often newbies DON'T have that.

> Besides, those Outlook attributions are so god damn annoying.  They
> polute the list and make my eyes hurt.

Do something about it then, help people no NOT use outlook.


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