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X-Authentification with XFree 4?

Hi folks!

Last week I tried to get a debian-derived CD-booting linux online.
(It's called "knoppix". It seems to derive from woody, but has a pretty
good hw-detection (sound, gfx, mouse, ... in less than 30s on a PIII 400).
Bringing the system online was the easy part (wvdial-conf worked great).
I saved the config-files and a little init-script to the local hd, so that
it boots only from CD and installes nothing to a hd (I just need a floppy).
But here comes the prob:
I did this that i can play spellcast against my brother. I intended to use
spellcast.vulpyne.net for this. But spellcast.vulpyne.net always complaints
about "noX".
xhost +spellcast.vulpyne.net or even xhost + did not solve this problem.
Since I have XFree 3.3.6 my knowledge in XFree 4 is _very_ poor.

Can anybody help me?

Thanx in advance

Andreas Maresch

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