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RE: Virus incident

Josh Everist said:
> Well I can take responsibility for the messages from
> 'antigen@page1book.com', however if the Debian User mailing list
> didn't send out viruses in the first place, there wouldn't be the
> automated reply.

i reccomend ditching exchange and go with a unix based mail
server, sendmail, exim, postfix, qmail. and go with amavis
for your antivirus needs. much more sane antivirus integration.
at least it provides a FROM: email address. shocking that
your auto responder emails don't provide some form of

amavis - www.amavis.org (GPL)

ive been using it on 4 different servers for almost a year.
user configurable alerts.
notify sender on/off
notify recipient on/off
notify local admin on/off

it is not a scanner by itself it only integrates the scanner
with the MTA. you still need a scanner(i use sophos+mcafee)
and a MTA to integrate with. postfix/sendmail are the best
supported for it.

if its true your software sent multiple emails for every
virus infected mail and not 1-per mail thats a pretty
broken system!!


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