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ISP asking about switching to Debian from OpenBSD

I work at a midwest ISP, and we've got an opportunity to switch
from an older openBSD to something more recent -- and apparently
upgrading to the current openBSD might be as much of a chore as
switching to something entirely different, such as Debian.

I realize that is probably a FAQ; even so the answers are
likely to morph as the Debian distribution progresses along
the timeline, so I thought I'd ask it here anyhow for the
most current feedback possible. [Plus, I hear that the folks
on the debian-user list are informative, patient, honest, and
most important, fun -- so why not find out first-hand? :) ]

I'm with an ISP having about 300 customers who use our servers for
DNS, HTTP, POP, SMTP, and on one server we have
FrontPage extensions running. We're wondering about
Debian's scalability, stability and functionality -- for example...

STABILITY: is Debian a good choice for heavy lifting? I know
about apt-get for easy installation of bug/security patches; does
the ease-of-install ever compromise security or functionality?
OpenBSD is pretty secure; how does Debian compare? Is Woody ready
for prime-time yet? (If not, would an upgrade from potato to
woody likely cause hiccups?)

FUNCTIONALITY: We need DNS server packages, ssh (with ssh
tunneling available for other services), smtp/pop, web-based
scheduling/claendaring/email facilities, HTTP (apache/mod_perl)
servers, and so on...

Any input is welcome -- both pro and con, of course.

And please CC: me directly, as I'm not on the list (yet -- but
you might help change that :).

Diode Dave

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