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ssh without password for secvpn

	I am trying to set up the secvpn package between two boxes (one potato, one
woody).  I have the secvpn.conf figured out, no problem.  My problem is a
little more basic.  I can't get ssh to connect without a password.  On both
boxes, I did a 'ssh-keygen' which created my '.ssh/identity' and
'.ssh/indentity.pub'.  I swapped the '.ssh/indentity.pub' to
'.ssh/authorized_keys' to each machine.
	I try to connect and I am still asked a password.  I've tried it with both
empty passphrases and obnoxious passphrases, and I get the same result
(password not passphrase).  I've muddled thorough the man pages for ssh and
the vpn-howto, but I seem to be missing the final bit that makes it work.
Is my problem that I am using a mix potato and woody, or am I just missing
some configuration.



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