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Re: NFS tries following remote symlinks as if local!

> There is an introduction to Coda that covers these issues. It looks
> promising:

Sorry just a final comment about this for anyone that's interested.

1. Unofficial Debian packages that you can add to sources.list are
available from here:


Debian APT package installer sources.list line
Upgrading an already running Coda client typically fails somewhere, so
be careful when adding this.

deb http://www.coda.cs.cmu.edu/pub/coda/linux debian/binary-$(ARCH)/

2. Coda requires a minimum of two raw partitions to provide log and data
storage (although loopback file access is possible--and not

3. This doesn't give access to all the files on the server computer.

4. There is a distinct separation of clients and servers.

2, 3 & 4 mean Coda is not suitable for what I want to achieve. I'll just
have to accept the limitations of NFS and replicate all the partition
mounts at the client end.


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